The Holy Quran

By Muhammad Sarwar

Online Edition (2011)

The Holy Quran

Muhammad Sarwar, The Islamic Seminary Inc, Englewood, NJ (USA), 2011
“ This Edition was Sponsored by Sajjad Foundation رب زدني علما "My Lord, grant me more knowledge." (20:114) * * * * * ...


Muhammad Sarwar, an Pakistani-born American Islamic scholar, specialized in Islamic theology and philosophy and known for being the first representative of the late Ayatollah Abul-Qasim al-Khoei to the Shia Muslims of North America. He started his education in the seminaries of Mashhad in Iran (1963), the year after at Jamia Imamia Nazim in Karachi, Pakistan (1964-1967) and back again in Iran, this time in the seminaries of Qom (1968-1969) and finally at the seminaries of Najaf, Iraq (1969-1975). Here Sarwar started working in the offices of Abu-al-Qasim al-Khoei translating texts from Arabic to English. In 1975 he moved to New York, USA and established the Islamic Seminary, the first Shia Center in the United States, outside New York City. The Islamic Seminary is a school of theology dealing with the issues of Shia Muslim creed and conduct. Sarwar has since authored, co-authored and translated a number of works, among others, his English translation of the Quran, entitled: “The Holy Quran; Arabic Text and English Translation”, first published in 1982. He has been translating and teaching Islamic Literature for over 30 years. Sarwar’s translation is clear and simple, without any preface, introduction or footnotes. The translation in the sixth edition (2011) is provided side by side with the Arabic Text.

About the author

Muhammad Sarwar

  • Born: Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan,
  • Full name: Muhammad Sarwar
  • Other names: Muhammad Sarwar, Shaikh Shaykh Muhammad Sarwar محمد سرور
  • Creed: Muslim