Muhammad Ali 1917

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Transliteration of Arabic words

Proper names

The Holy Qur-án

Chapter I. The Opening

Chapter II. The Cow

Chapter III. The Family of Amran

Chapter IV. The Woman

Chapter V. The Food

Chapter VI. The Cattle

Chapter VII. The Elevated Places

Chapter VIII. The Accessions

Chapter IX. The Immunity

Chapter X. Jonah

Chapter XI. Húd

Chapter XII. Joseph

Chapter XIII. The Thunder

Chapter XIV. Abraham

Chapter XV. The Rock

Chapter XVI. The Bee

Chapter XVII. The Israelites

Chapter XVIII. The Cave

Chapter XIX. Mary

Chapter XX. Tá Há

Chapter XXI. The Prophets

Chapter XXII. The Pilgrimage

Chapter XXIII. The Believers

Chapter XXIV. The Light

Chapter XXV. The Distinction

Chapter XXVI. The Poets

Chapter XXVII. The Naml

Chapter XXVIII. The Narrative

Chapter XXIX. The Spider

Chapter XXX. The Romans

Chapter XXXI. Luqman

Chapter XXXII. The Adoration

Chapter XXXIII. The Allies

Chapter XXXIV. The Saba

Chapter XXXV. The Originator

Chapter XXXVI. Yásín

Chapter XXXVII. The Rangers

Chapter XXXVIII. Ṣád

Chapter XXXIX. The Companies

Chapter XL. The Believer

Chapter XLI. Ḥá Mím

Chapter XLII. The Counsel

Chapter XLIII. The Embellishment

Chapter XLIV. The Drought

Chapter XLV. The Kneeling

Chapter XLVI. The Sandhills

Chapter XLVII. Muhammad

Chapter XLVIII. The Victory

Chapter XLIX. The Chambers

Chapter L. Qaf

Chapter LI. The Scatterers

Chapter LII. The Mountain

Chapter LIII. The Star

Chapter LIV. The Moon

Chapter LV. The Beneficent

Chapter LVI. The Great Event

Chapter LVII. The Iron

Chapter LVIII. The Pleading One

Chapter LIX. The Banishment

Chapter LX. The Examined One

Chapter LXI. The Ranks

Chapter LXII. The Congregation

Chapter LXIII. The Hypocrites

Chapter LXIV. The Manifestation of Defects

Chapter LXV. The Divorce

Chapter LXVI. The Prohibition

Chapter LXVII. The Kingdom

Chapter LXVIII. The Pen

Chapter LXIX. The Sure Calamity

Chapter LXX. The Ways of Ascent

Chapter LXXI. Noah

Chapter LXXII. The Jinn

Chapter LXXIII. The Wrapped Up

Chapter LXXIV. The Clothed One

Chapter LXXV. The Resurrection

Chapter LXXVI. The Man

Chapter LXXVII. The Sent Forth

Chapter LXXVIII. The Announcement

Chapter LXXIX. The Drawers

Chapter LXXX. He Frowned

Chapter LXXXI. The Folding Up

Chapter LXXXII. The Cleaving Asunder

Chapter LXXXIII. The Defaulters

Chapter LXXXIV. The Bursting Asunder

Chapter LXXXV. The Stars

Chapter LXXXVI. The Night-comer

Chapter LXXXVII. The Most High

Chapter LXXXVIII. The Overwhelming Event

Chapter LXXXIX. The Daybreak

Chapter XC. The City

Chapter XCI. The Sun

Chapter XCII. The Night

Chapter XCIII. The Early Hours

Chapter XCIV. The Expansion

Chapter XCV. The Fig

Chapter XCVI. The Clot

Chapter XCVII. The Majesty

Chapter XCVIII. The Clear Evidence

Chapter XCIX. The Shaking

Chapter C. The Assaulters

Chapter CI. The Repelling Calamity

Chapter CII. The Multiplication of Wealth

Chapter CIII. Time

Chapter CIV. The Slander

Chapter CV. The Elephant

Chapter CVI. The Quraish

Chapter CVII. The Alms

Chapter CVIII. The Abundance of Good

Chapter CIX. The Unbelievers

Chapter CX. The Help

Chapter CXI. The Flame

Chapter CXII. The Unity

Chapter CXIII. The Dawn

Chapter CXIV. The Men


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