Translation Of The Holy Qur-ân

By Ghulam Sarwar

First Edition (1929)

Translation Of The Holy Qur-ân

Ghulam Sarwar, S M S. Faruque, Surrey, England, 1929
“Introduction A review of the previous translations of the Holy Qur-ân (We commence) with the name of God The most Merciful (to begin with), The most...


Ghulam Sarwar (1873–1954) served as a judge and mufti in Malaysia. He was of Indian origin, graduated from Government College Lahore, Pakistan between 1890-1894 and later joined the University of Cambridge, England. He served in the Malayan Civil Service of the British colonial empire from 1896 to 1928 (then a British colony and presently known as Malaysia). Sarwar was also mufti of Penang (state in current Malaysian), and served as judge of Singapore from 1923–1928. His translation of the Quran to English was first published in 1929 and with his own words, the aim was to provide a translation that is clear, easy and accurate to read. In the pursuance of these objectives, he shuns previous translators of the Quran, especially the “four notable translations of the Holy Quran in English” before his own, that is the translations by George Sale, J. M. Rodwell, E. H. Palmer, and Muhammad Ali. As Sarwar was based in Malaya, his first edition was published from Singapore. His translations, even while being among the first to be undertaken by a Muslim, do not rank as significant ventures in this field. However his exhaustive review of previous translations of the Quran in English (around fifty pages long critique), has been seen as the most valuable elements of this publication.

About the author

Ghulam Sarwar

  • Born: 1873
  • Died: 1954 (aged 80-81)
  • Full name: Ghulam Sarwar
  • Creed: Muslim


The second edition was published in 1973 in Pakistan by the National Book Foundation, Karachi.