The Gracious Quran

By Ahmed Zaki Hammad

Second Edition (2008)

The Gracious Quran

Ahmed Zaki Hammad, Lucent Interpretations, LLC, Lisle (IL), USA, 2008
“Before You Read! In the physical world, elements join forces, despite differences, to sustain the existence we all know. We see water and light, feel the air on our faces, and live on earth with countless diverse beings. We walk the...


Ahmad Zaki Hammad (b. 1946), Egyptian-born scholar, known writer on the Quran and Islamic Studies. He received his early Islamic and Arabic training at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, and graduated from the Faculty of Theology. Later on he went on to become a teacher Islamic Civilization and the Primary Disciplines of Quran Commentary, the Prophetic Traditions, and the Principles of Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University (Faculty of Languages and Translations, Department of English). Hammad is also a member of the Faculty of Sharî’ah, Department of Juristic Studies. Hammad lived for many years in the United States where he holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from the University of Chicago. In the States he founded and served in numerous national and community Islamic institutions for American Muslims. He served as the president of the Islamic Society of North America, was on the board of the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) and established the The Quranic Literacy Institute with the aim to translate sacred Islamic texts from Arabic to English. Hammad finished his translation of the Quran in 2007, an English translation that was twenty years in the making. His Quran translation is entitled: “The Gracious Quran: A Modern-Phrased Interpretation of Its Meanings in English”, and is highly praised, primarily due to his background and activities as an Islamic scholar from one of the world's leading Islamic universities.

About the author

Ahmed Zaki Hammad

  • Born: 1946
  • Full name: Ahmed Zaki Hammad
  • Other names: Ahmed Z. Hammad Ahmad Zaki Hammad Hammad, Ahmed Zaki Aḥmad Zakī Manṣūr Ḥammād Dr. Ahmed Hammad Professor Ahmad Zaki Hammad
  • Creed: Muslim